Etoy on farming

Purpose - help the seed grow into a plant

Topics include: qarden location in a sunny spot, composting, raised bed preparation, watering at end of day, weeding, removing bugs, show seed germinatihg (sending out roots and stem), saving seed for next year

Sketch out beds, show dimension and row spacing.

Show that seed in shade of tree is shivering and the plant's leaves dont get enough light for photosynthesis, draw tree and sun

Animate farmer digging a raised bed

Show how to make compost from kitchen and garden waste to add to garden next year as fertilizer (animate putting scraps in compost bin and turning compost to give it air)

Water at end of day, show evaporation is faster mid day than 2 hours before sunset

When you mouse over object it speaks thru bubble

Use gmail tab to show how book was made, how to change text in bubbles, how aniation was done

Use mouse over to start animation

Use Squeakland image?



Squeak digging project notes:


Make a rectangle.

Use color picker to make brown.

Use blue halo to turn it 180 degrees so it grows upwards.

Rectangles length property (under Geometry) will make the growing bed rise.

Draw a shovel.

Draw a clump of dirt.

Draw several small pieces of dirt falling.

The script runs too fast to see the dirt moving. Maybe try looping thru a holder container.

So I created a Holder and added the clump of dirt and falling dirt sketches to it.

Then I did the "dirt look like Hoder's playerAtCursor" instruction, along with "Holder's cursor increase by 1".

I put these inside a script for the shovel. I pulled out a test tile to test for "Shovel's isOverColor ..." (I used the eye dropper to select the color of the dirt). Then I put the other 2 instructions under the yes branch, along with increasing the Rectangle's length by 5 for each tick. Then I turned on ticking for this script. Now when I move the shovel over the garden, the digging animation starts.

(I need to go into more detail on the above, especially animation in the holder and which viewer and category to pull tiles out of - it can get confusing)

I created a Reset button to hide the dirt clump and bring back the height of the garden bed.


To sort pages in a book, bring up red menu halo on the book. Select "book" at the bottom of te book menu. Then select "sort pages" from the submenu. You can drag around pages in the sorter box to change the order of pages.