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Introduction to Squeak

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Squeak is an open source version of the Small Talk programming language. There are 3 levels to Squeak: eToys scripting for children, Omni User (or Tweak) for adults, and Expert for developers. Squeak Etoys 4 was released in October 2009 and is the focus of this wiki. The Tweak environment is due out in August 2005 and we can discuss it at that time.


Get started by downloading Squeak for your particular computer. Run the installation program to install the program. Squeak can be run by double clicking the desktop icon; it can also be run as an applet inside your web browser, similar to java applications. When you select a project from the Squeakland.org site, it will open in your browser and you can interact with the environment, just the same as if you ran it from your disktop.


Suggestions for using eToys


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