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My notes

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Bill Kerr has some interesting eToy projects.


My Squeak eToy FAQ

To change the balloon help for an object in the Squeakland image, from the red menu halo for the object, select Debug; one of the options is for editing balloon help.


Now I need to see if the OLPC image will read in a project created in the Squeakland image.


Details on Squeak plugin


Squeak is an open source version of the Smalltalk programming language / environment. It can be used by children at the eToys level to program graphically by assembling objects and scripts; ( http://squeakland.org/ ) . Logo type graphics, learning and applications can be done in eToys as well, including the programming of multiple turtles for simulating complex behavior. Squeak can also be used by developers to write professional programs. The image runs identically on Unix, MS and Apple OS's; there is a separate virtual machine for each OS.


Connectors are one of the built in features of Squeak. Connectors allow you to easily create concept maps, flow charts, etc. with boxes and connecting links.


Active essays can be developed in Squeak. These are similar to books where each page can contain simulations running in real time. Active essays combine a written essay, live simulations, and the programs that make them work in order to provide a deep explanation of a dynamic system. The reader works directly with multiple ways of representing the concepts under discussion. By “playing with” the simulations and code, the reader gets some hands-on experience with the topic.


Scratch is a scripting environment for children being developed at MIT which is built on top of Squeak; http://weblogs.media.mit.edu/llk/scratch/

Squeak is good in that you can get into it quickly and make things happen,even though there's a lot to explore.

Container project - make jpgs of players instead of copies; show intermediate steps of making scripts to animate bird

House or room where child or pet can be moved around with joystick and do various everyday things: change clothes, eat, sleep, etc.

Project which one ball bumps into another and transfer action from one script to another.

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