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My Squeak eToy FAQ

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 8 months ago

Stuff I have figured out the hard way using eToys


How to get a Test block tile

At the top right of a script, select the Test / True / False icon.


How to do basic animation

Create a series of sketches and move all but the first into a Holder. Pull out the tile "sketch look like dot" from the first sketches viewer in the miscellaneous category. From the Holder's collection category pull out the tile "Holder's player at cursor" and drop it on the "look like dot" portion of the first script. From the Holder's viewer, pull out the "Holder's cursor <-- 1" tile and place it under the first script. Click on the "<-- 1" and select "increase by". Now if you start the script ticking, you will see the animation.

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