Notes from Squeak mailing list

This is a large pdf of old conversations on eToys.

eToy Philosophy

eToys to teach programming 1

fish tank 1 - uses animated gif for showing how to move tiles

Thoughts on teaching kids 1

Letting kids mess around 1

Experiences teaching 6th grade

Entry level projects 1

When to introduce kids to computers 1

Introducing kids to Squeak 1

Developing sample curriculum 4 to 6 grade

Active Essays 1

3D Objects and Alice 1

Programming environment 1

Computer Clubhouse questions 1

Flying bird project 1

Recording sound

Distance between 2 points

New computer literacy 1

Halo info

Flaps info

Color picker

Learing from websites and filtering info

Squeak graphics info 1

Adding tiles to Text Morph viewer

Ballistic project

Star Squeak

eToy vocabulary

Thoughts on learning Smalltalk

Connector Tutorial

eToy scripts 1

eToy scripts 2

Browsers from eToys

Logo graphics

eToys as state machines


Presentations using Squeak

Making buttons

Array literals


Players and Costumes

Keyboard input

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