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Presentations using Squeak

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 7 months ago

Hi Hilaire


Yes, I have given every one of my presentations since about 1998 only

using Squeak. And, I mostly use the ThreadNavigator to sequence

through sorted projects. This allows me to have an image with many

projects in them and to make up a thread for each talk. Sometimes I

will use a BookMorph in a project.


I don't use templates, but templating should be there in a more

complete way than it is. Scott Wallace did quite a bit of work many

years ago to investigate better template mechanisms that would do

quite a bit more than Hypercard, but they only work in BookMorphs. We

had planned to merge BookMorph pages and Projects but the lack of

funds after 2001 prevented it. Your method of saving a template as a

project and reloaded is the best way to go now.


It is not possible to merge two projects (and it's not completely

clear what that would mean in all cases). Why not just have the 3rd

party project be one of the projects in your presentation and go to

it in sequence? That's what I do.


In any case, now that we have a little more funding, we are working

on a better project architecture which will at least have a good

template mechanism and (probably) allow very simple merging.






At 03:01 AM 2/26/2007, Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

>For an event about ICT and education, I was asked to present Squeak

>usage in education (http://www.28mars.org). It seems interesting to use

>Squeak to present itself.

>The thread navigator seems to be the appropriate tool to do so.

>I am wondering two things:

>- How is it possible to create a template slide/project then duplicate

>it to create additional slides? At worst the template can be save in a

>project file then reload each time an additional slide is needed.

>- More important, to illustrate with real contents, I need to add in

>some of my slides third party squeak-projects (ie project created by

>kids and teachers). Is it possible to merge two different projects? I

>would like the third party project to be part of the slide, and not just

> a small windows I can jump into.







my early presentations of squeak were using thread navigator. They

are available at


Have a look at TwoPresentations.



I have done squeak presentations by using the book morph and creating

a template by creating a page and selecting from the red menu halo on

the book -> save as new page prototype. The next page you create will

have the same elements as the one you saved as a prototype.


Val Scarlata

A way to merge somme projects is to pass copy of object from a project to another using the menu of the red handle

of the object's halo then copy &print/copy to paste buffer


and in the other project the world menu /new morph/from paste buffer.


An easiest way is to load or create a destination project from the first project and just drop the objects on the button which represents the destination project.The words 'got it' will appear, wait until the object goes back at it place. A copy will be at the same place. If objects are related each with others , you have to putt all the objects on a playfield and drop the playfield on the button.

Hilaire Fernandes

The OLPC version of EToys (and I think the Squeakland version --

Scott will correct me if I'm wrong) has an option in BookMorphs (the

dot menu) that will make a new page as a "scripting area". This sets

up a little name space to make it more convenient to have a number of

separate scriptign regimes on different pages (so they are a little

more like a project). However, what we really need to do is to unify

projects and pages (and hope to this year).




Hi, another way is to create a flaps and let it be a shared flaps.


This way th flaps is present on every project , you can put things in it and get things from it.


If the flaps is a shared flaps it will not be saved with the project, uncheck 'shared' before saving if you need to save the flap. In a presentation you can put examples on differents flaps.

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