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Project ideas

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What is a Squeak project?

Squeak projects written for OLPC.

To learn Squeak (or anything) try to work with it a little each day. Try to write a simple program each day.


Fun with collections

Rain simulation

Basics of graphing data

Draft tutorial


List the project idea, what concepts it teaches and what eToys techniques it uses


  • Project where user controls person (animated) walking around world. Person can interact with objects in world. (simplified dungeon world)
  • Project with animated spider walking aroud, chasing or fighting people
  • Canon simulation shooting sideweys at various targets
  • Help learning fractions and improper numbers
  • oscillating spring with graph

Weather project

  • Squeak project on weather - draw mtns, lake, river & sea; show water evaporation from ocean;
    • wind blows moist air / cloud over to mt; saturated cloud drops rain into lake or mtn;
    • cloud dissappears when water vapor volume drops below certain level;
    • have evaporation process run independently - if ocean / lake runs out of water, it stops;
    • clouds appear & dissapear depending on how much water they contain;
    • maybe keep a count of raindrops to keep track of water vapor;
    • have viewers to show amount of water in different places;
    • make project in stages, each one building on the previous one, each adding more of the total concepts (evaporation, saturation, cooler clouds can't hold as much water, etc);
      • maybe mtn, river and lake;
      • vary temperature to increase/decrease evaporation;

  • write a program each day; can be simple one

Geometry project with triangles.

As you move the triangles about the origin, there are watchers which give position, angle with x or y axis. Maybe even an integration function to add up the area swept out by the moving triable. You could make succesively smaller triangles to get more accurate results, approaching the limit. Use button or joystick to rotate the triangle around the origin.


Use rectangles to explain fractions and then show how to add fractions using rectangles.

Island project

Make an island where you explore eToys. The first activity is to find wood to make a fire to float a Smalltalk balloon over the island. The user (kids) would have to find wood to make a fire under the balloon. Maybe use a magnifying glass to get fire started. Use book metaphor; when you exit screen you move to a new page.


Have a part of the island where you work with fractions. Maybe you need 2/3 of a piece of wood to open a door or something.

eToy Holder project

  • find simple image to use for characters
  • introduce holders and some of their commands
  • talk about object look like dot and wearing a costume
  • show simple animation
  • train on track moving in circle, maybe with child sitting on top
    • maybe do a Brio train type eToy project

Etoy on farming

Purpose - help the seed grow into a plant

Topics include: qarden location in a sunny spot, composting, raised bed preparation, watering at end of day, weeding, removing bugs, show seed germinatihg (sending out roots and stem), saving seed for next year

Sketch out beds, show dimension and row spacing.

Show that seed in shade of tree is shivering and the plant's leaves dont get enough light for photosynthesis, draw tree and sun

Animate farmer digging a raised bed

Show how to make compost from kitchen and garden waste to add to garden next year as fertilizer (animate putting scraps in compost bin and turning compost to give it air)

Water at end of day, show evaporation is faster mid day than 2 hours before sunset

When you mouse over object it speaks thru bubble

Use gmail tab to show how book was made, how to change text in bubbles, how aniation was done

Use mouse over to start animation

Use Squeakland image?

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