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Smalltalk programming

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Program a mind mapping program in Squeak

This is how I use Squeak to organize thoughts and record ideas. I took

inspiration from Dan's Seven Implementations talk.


I create one project per topic in the topmost World. Within a project world, I

use the top 2/3 top for objects and project thumbnails and the bottom 1/3 for

minimized workspace windows. I also 'duplicate' frequently used menu items

(e.g. 'new morph', 'objects') from World menu to this area. This gives me a

simple and effective workspace to think through ideas one at at time. The

same setup is good enough to present to others, so I no longer have to

prepare slides separately. My image is also small enough to fit in a 512MB

USB flash memory along with Squeak executables, so I no longer have to lug a

computer along with me to be productive.


Hope this helps .. Subbu

On Sep 26, 2007, at 3:18 , Young-Jin Lee wrote:


> Hi,


> I have a question about how to create a Java applet from a Squeak

> *.pr file. Is there a document explaining how to do it?


If you want to know how to make a project available in a web browser:


1. upload it to a webserver making it accessible under some public

URL (e.g., http://my.domain/path/file.pr)


2. use the Squeakland project launch service (http://

www.squeakland.org/project.jsp) to display it:




This embeds your project in an HTML page.


This is the same technique as a Java apple but uses the Squeak

plugin, not the Java plugin.


> In addition, I want to know how to search Squeakland mail archive.

> I thought that this might be answered in the past, but could not

> figure out how to search the mailing list archive.


For example on nabble:




or gmane:




- Bert -

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