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Squeak graphics info 1

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 2 months ago

>I can't find the picture/image catalogue anymore. Where do I find it?


Hi, Hannes. Perhaps what you're remembering is the little tool you

get from halo menu of any SketchMorph when you select "choose new




>How can I easily access the central picture/image store (dictionary)?


There is a repository used by morphic for various standard graphics;

it is an IdentityDictionary using symbols for keys. You can add

entries to it, and retrieve entries from it.


To look at this repository interactively, evaluate "ScriptingSystem

inspectFormDictionary" -- available in the "do..." menu.


Look in category "form dictionary" of class StandardScriptingSystem

for the methods you can call to put and get graphics from this

repository programatically.

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