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Squeak links

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Squeakland is the primary site for information on eToys and http://squeak.org is the primary site for Squeak Smalltalk.

You can view posts to the Squeakland mailing list

Squeak developers mailing list archive

Squeak Oversight Board Blog

Squeak Beginners archive <-- this is a great source of info.

[www.squeakcmi.org|Squeak CMI] has great intro material on eToys

Etoys on OLPC list archive

Etoys Quick Guides

Squeak Weekly

Squeakland Wiki

Planet Squeak


Alan Kay has given a number of talks on Squeak, some of which are available at Google Video. Type Squeak in the search box and you will see a number of videos on Squeak. Also see http://www.smalltalk.org.br/movies/

Sample Squeak projects

Superswiki for Squeak projects


Columbus School for Girls Projects



Stef Ducasse's new book Learn Squeak Programming with Robots

Free pdfs of Smalltalk books

100 Dollar laptop - comes with Squeak eToys preloaded

Squeak swiki

Squeak Foundation

Small land wiki - excellent squeak resource in spanish

Scratch - MIT scripting language based on squeak

A nice handbook on using eToys can be found at http://www.squeakcmi.org/

Petri networks in eToys

Introduction to Squeak for programmers.

Star logo at MIT


Great site in French with many eToy examples.



Smallwiki 1

more Smallwiki 1

Active Essays from Mark Guzdial


Back issues of Squeak News


Logic gates using Squeak




GTK kit for Squeak

Software Architecture Group squeak projects

Good projects


Community links


More projects


NASA Connect Squeak projects

Mark Guzdial's links



Squeak NOS



neat squeak swiki


Squeakfest 06



eToys for physics


German squeaker's website


Ian Piumarta's Squeak site


Excerpts from Squeak book in French.


Squeak book in Spanish.


eToy projects in French


Smalltalk class notes


On Smalltalk


Squeak book in Spanish


Some interesting info here



Same as above but better starting place


Web pages with Seaside videos.


Seaside Parasol for learning smalltalk.


Ralph Johnson videos


Spanish Squeak site


Vtoys English translation


English translation of French etoys site


DR Geo add-in for doing geometry with Squeak. Includes videos.

Dr Geo site

Dr Geo

pyramid simulation


French Squeak site

Learning Smalltalk blog


Squeak CMI

eToys notes in English and Spanish


Pharo website

Pharo mailing list




Squeaky Tales

OLPC Nepal

OLPC Nepal

Dr Geo


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