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Tips on Using eToy objects

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 6 months ago

Got some tips on how to use an object? Let the rest of us know here.


eToys OLPC tutorial








Scripting object

Pen trails



  • assignment
  • conditional tests
  • tiles

Most UI elements in etoys have bubble help if you hover over them,

including that ticker icon.


Also, it probably is in the Powerful Ideas book. This is a must-read

when you start with etoys. It might also be mentioned on the

Squeakland website, which is another required reading place.


However, most information still is passed on orally, in hands-on

workshops, at squeak fest etc. We as a community are in dire need of

people documenting all the cool stuff that is in Etoys and Squeak,

and making it available at a central place for easy finding.


There is even a lot written already, but hard to find. I just googled

for "squeak ticker adjust" and found a PDF created by Lucy Qiu of Don

Mills Middle School that describes this:


"If you want to adjust the speed of your animation, click on the

green ticker but don’t let go of the mouse until the green ticker

turns gray. A menu will appear after that, you can select the speed

you want from the menu, 1 is the slowest you can get."


Of course, by typing in a fraction you can get even slower - this is

the problem with beginner's tutorials, in that you do not want to

mention all available options right up front. So many of the more

useful tips are never written down.


Anyway, collecting this stuff in a comprehensive manner would be very


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